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Whole Beef Deposit


The price paid is a deposit. THE DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE ONCE THE BEEF HAS BEEN DELIVERED TO THE BUTCHER. IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO SHIP YOUR BEEF THAT WILL BE PAID WITH THE BALANCE OF THE BEEF.  The final price will be determined on the day of slaughter by hanging weight. A final invoice and a cut sheet will be sent once we have the hanging weight of the beef. The price on the final invoice includes all processing fees. You’ll receive approximately 65% yield from the hanging weight of beef when you order a whole share. This amount of meat needs a large freezer of around 20 cubic feet.
Whole Beef
550 – 650lb hanging weight
65% yield
Teild Weight – 357 – 422.5 lbs.
Estimated Shipping Cost $422
Price per lb hanging weight
Whole Beef: $4.50/lb


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