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Best Quality Beef From Our Farm Directly To Your Table

At Meadow View Beef, we believe that quality starts with every bite-every bite of grass and hay. Most importantly every bite of steak, roast, or burger. Order your quarter, half, or whole beef today and have it processed exactly to your specifications.

Eat Local. Eat Well.

The mission of Meadow View Beef in Accident, Maryland is to produce great tasting, high quality, healthy holistic beef. We use only the finest ingredients - grass, sunshine, and clean water - the way nature intended.

No Added Hormones

Meadow View Beef is family owned and locally operated in Accident, Maryland. We practice a holistic sustainable approach to farm management. This ensures sustainability and continuous improvement of the soils. We rotate our cattle every few days to fresh pastures, providing the highest quality forage possible. Rotation also recycles nutrients and improves the soil.

The biologically alive, mineralized soils result in superior nutrition. Resulting in the all-natural lean and clean beef flavor of 100% grass-fed beef. Grass-finished beef is both natural and healthy for you.

Farm animals thrive on 100% grass, without grain.

We are certified 100% grass-fed. We track our cattle from birth to consumer, to ensure they remain a safe and healthy food. The discerning consumer chooses an all-natural 100% grass-fed beef for their family’s health and the environment.

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Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef

 We focus our farming practices on the humane treatment of our animals. We strive to raise our animals in a stress-free environment with our cattle rotated on our pastures on a regular basis. Our cattle are all-natural they are only fed grass as God intended. We strive to be patient with our cattle, to make sure they are harvested at their peak marbling for the utmost flavor and tenderness. Our cattle are not only healthier themselves, but their meat is healthier for you to eat.  Compared to grain-fed beef, a serving of our grass-fed beef has:

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Our Packages

A Few Photos From The Butcher

How The Process Works

Pick The Beef Package You Want

We have three great packages to choose from which include an whole beef, a quarter beef, or a half of beef.

Place The Deposit On Package

Once you know what package you want place a deposit on that package and we will be in touch with you.

Pick The Type Of Cut You want

Once you place a deposit we will be in touch with you to see what type of cuts of meat you would like to have then we take it to the butcher.

Pick Up Your Order From The Butcher

Once the beef has been processed by the butcher, the butcher will call with the total amount owed and will let you know when to pick it up from the butcher or you can have it shipped.